1. The Site: The very first thing we do as Architects is analyze the site and the existing structure.

- First, we need to understand the site, and most likely will need a Survey of the Property completed by a Licensed Surveyor.  This will allow us, and eventually the Building Dept. and Contractor, to understand the project as it relates to Zoning, Conservation, Historic, FEMA, etc...

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Each project brings it's own unique set of circumstances, and we are here to get you through the entire process as easily and painless as possible.

Salem, NH

Dunstable, MA

2. The Wish List: The second, and most important thing we do as Architects is to understand the Clients needs.

- The best way to relay your ideas to the Architect is though pictures, sketches, and a written wish list.  From just a picture found on the internet, we can create your dream space.

As Architects, we take pride in all we do to make your dreams come true.

Westbrook, ME

Our Process:

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5. Construction Administration: During Construction we are on hand to address any field questions.

- We provide assistance during construction to help make sure the project is built correctly and quickly.

Winchester, MA

Wilmington, MA

Architects for Massachusetts,

New Hampshire

& Maine.

Marlborough, MA

4. Construction Documents: Once the Design is complete, we then generate Construction Documents for financing, bidding and permitting.

- Here, we provide a full set of plans that illustrate all the elements for the builder to pull permits and build your project.

3. The Design: Now that we understand the Clients needs and we have the site parameters, we begin the design.

- Here, we go back and forth, going over each space and how those spaces relate to each other, how the project flows, and how each space will work.  All the while keeping in mind the budget and structural restraints.

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